• Acrylic & Stucco on Canvas
  • Size: 109cm x 90cm



Before the 1948 war on Palestine, women from many different villages knitted their outfits or 'thob' using specific types of embroidery, colors and patterns which symbolize the villages they come from. After the war, many villages were destroyed or occupied causing the loss of the social and regional significance of the embroidery and thob styles. This painting portrays the Modern Palestinian thob styles which became a common identity and accumulation of the different regional styles from different villages. These thobs are designed with embroidered motifs that are more fashionable and colorful. They come in many different materials like cotton, linen, wool, satin and silk. The new dress design has the same basic structure of pre-1948 dresses, only were much simpler in style and decoration. 


The Modern Palestinian Thob (Palestinian Collection)