• Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size: 154cm x 105cm



This painting is a celebration of the richness of the ancient heritage of Palestine, more specifically the motifs of the unique Palestinian cross-stitch embroidery.

Motifs:  A decorative image or design, especially a repeated one forming a pattern


The art of the motifs of Palestinian cross-stitch embroidery are inspired by a range of world cultures and religious influences from:  Chinese-Mongol (modern Chinese artworks)  -  Hellenic (from Byzantine to modern Greek) - Roman  -  Scandinavian  -  Persian  -  Syrian-Phoenician  -  Neo-Gothic  -  Arabesque Muslim Christian/Muslim North African  -  Assisi(French, Italian, Spanish and other Latin countries)


In the late 19th century, early twentieth century Palestine was exposed to other cultures. This allowed the Artistic traditions to emerge from the interactions of internal and external influencers like pilgrims, merchants, travellers and foreign people who visited and stayed in the country.


Palestinian women would imitate patterns they saw on rugs, tiles and carpets brought from other lands. Other motifs would reflect ordinary items from a rural woman’s daily life, such as food, animals, nature, marriage, children, geometric shapes and floral and plants patterns. Some women adopted their own village motifs styles and techniques in particular regions and neighborhoods. 

Motifs and Identity (Palestinian Collection)





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    by Sereen Ghanem