• Acrylic on Wood
  • Size: 106cm x 81cm



In this painting, the combination of the Palestinian embroidery with the fruits and blossoms of Palestine shows how agriculture and embroidery were interlinked. In villages, most men depended on agriculture as part of their source of income while women were busy creating their garments. Garments resemble their identity through the use of specific embroidery motifs which symbolize their villages. Many motifs are associated with fruits and flowers and hence Palestinian crops were and still are a big part of the holy land’s identity.


Red is a predominant color in Palestinian embroidery. The natural red dye was made from crushed insects and pomegranate, or the roots of the madder plant “nabat al fuwwa” shown in this painting. Like the Palestinian fruits which until now are unique in their taste, embroidery to this day preserves the Palestinian heritage and identity.    

Blessings of Palestine (Palestinian Collection)