This unique bold white, black and golden hand painted Acrylic Tote bag is perfect for styling. Held with a pair of jeans for a casual outing or with your dinner dress. It will always turn eyes on you.


  • Acrylic Paint, Golden Leaf & Varnish on Acrylic
  • Round Acrylic Handles
  • No Pocket or Lining
  • Size: Height 22cm / Width 28cm / Depth 10cm


  • Weight:

BOLD Large Acrylic Tote Bag

  • This piece is hand painted using acrylic paint on acrylic material which require special care. Following the application of the paint, a coat of varnish is applied to protect the paint.


    • Wipe the surface with a soft wet cloth and dry it with a soft dry cloth to prevent watermarks.
    • Do not soak your piece in water.
    • Hot items should never be placed directly onto painted or gloss surfaces as this can cause irreparable damage.
    • Sharp objects such as cutlery and pens can score the surface of your piece.